Guest Posting : Purpose Opportunities and Benefits

Guest Posting : Purpose Opportunities and Benefits

Guest Posting : Purpose Opportunities and Benefits

What is guest posting?

In website technology, the term “guest” refers to a person invited to visit and contribute to someone’s site.  The term “post” also refers to an article or message posted or placed online. Similarly, the word ‘posting’ means an article, message, or something that is placed or posted on the internet.

Now the term ‘guest posting’ is clear. Guest posting is basically an article from a third-party author posted on someone else’s website with the target of increasing exposure, traffic, and brand awareness of the site. It is also a content marketing strategy. In this case, the article should be of higher quality content than any other normal writing.

Guest Posting : Purpose Opportunities and Benefits

Purpose of guest posting

The purpose of guest posting was primarily to make the author’s expertise and reputation stronger in specific subjects. In those days, the author would like to draw the attention of the viewers to themselves.

With the passage of time, the purpose of guest postings turns to drawing attention to websites. Nowadays, for too many people, guest posting has become a tool for optimizing search engines where importance is given to link building.

 So, from the above discussion, we find there are three main purposes of guest posting.

1. Making the author’s reputation stronger and well-known in a specific industry.

2. Drawing the attention of the right visitors to the website ultimately increases exposure and traffic.

3. Optimizing search engine through building quality backlinks.

Guest posting can be a great opportunity for your site’s goal if all three issues are kept in the right position in the post.  Just posting an article somehow for the purpose of building links will not at all bring benefit to your site.

Google warns on guest posting only for links that, in fact, degrade the standard of guest posting. Here is Google’s view on guest posting for links.

To respond to a question like ‘what is the best practice for linking back to guest posts in order to not harm SEO?’ John Mueller of Google says, “………. So in general, that would be considered an unnatural link. So I would recommend using no-follow link for that. So if you are using a guest post and you’re linking back to your site, then use no-follow links for that. …………………………………………… But in general, for guest post, you should use no-follow links. With regards to linking back to that site to kind highlight where your content has been shown, you can do that however you want. So you can use no-follow links, if you want. But I think a normal followed link is also perfectly fine for that. Since you are essentially showing kind of where all of your content is being published in, that’s pretty cool.”

In addition, the reputation of the author through guest posting depends on the quality of the content submitted to other’s sites. So, ensuring content quality can alone meet the entire success of guest posting. It is the real point of guest posting.

People, however, use guest posting differently to achieve different benefits.                      

Guest Posting Opportunities

To find the opportunity of guest posting, firstly you need to search the blogs that accept guest post offers. There are many ways to find this opportunity.

Google Search Operators

The blogs that agree to accept guests’ contributions generally publish a page on their sites providing details information including guidelines for effective guest post submission. Naturally, this page goes in the search result for specific keywords or its variations. By using different search operators you can find the opportunities of these sites in the search results that accept guest posting offers.

Here is a list of the Search Operators which are used in order to find guest posting opportunities on Google.

Prolific Guest Bloggers

When you find a site that accepts guest post offer, you need to explore more information from that site like what types of guest post they allow and who are the authors of them. Visit their social media where they share their guest posts. By analyzing their activities on social media or Google you certainly find more websites that accept guest posting relevant to your niche.

Competitor Backlinks

By doing your site’s competitors’ backlink analysis, you will certainly find few recent links that have come from guest posting. Tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest can help you to a great extent in this regard.  Since they accepted a guest post, there is an opportunity to accept one guest post from you.

Join Online Communities

There are many platforms of online communities for digital marketers. You can join there to get advice and important information regarding your work that may refine your strategies. Such communities on guest posting share guest posts they wrote to get traffic. These communities can be an opportunity for your guest posting.   


Before selecting a site for guest posting submission from your opportunities you need to agree to the following points.

  • The site content is relevant to your niche.
  • Ensure the site is high authority.
  • Know well about the intent of the site audience and make sure their interest is in your industry.
  • Confirm that the blog site is engaged socially and the blog owner is active on social media.

Guest post outreach

Outreach is any means or attempts to communicate with the hope of getting a response. This can be of many different ways. Sending an email can be a standard outreach where the recipient will receive the mail, open it, read and at last send a response.

Here is an email template that will help you to communicate with the website owner who wants to accept guest post offers.

Subject: Guest post content ideas.

Hey there!

It was with great interest that I found your write for us page of the site []’ from Google search. I noticed your guest posting opportunities that are relevant to my expertise.

Previously I wrote a few quality articles on [topic]

{put the links in here!}.

You can check out them for getting a better idea of my writing.

I was planning on writing about [idea-01, idea-02, idea 03] myself because I think they’ll turn out great for your visitors.

Before that, I was a little curious to see if it could be something that you’re interested in.

I’d love to hear some feedback!

Thank so much and hoping to get a quick response from you.


Guest Posting : Purpose Opportunities and Benefits

Benefits of Guest Posting

Improve author’s authority

Guest posting offers a chance to become an authority in the industry. One can establish his authority in his respective industry by sharing helpful knowledge on other’s websites.

Build relationship

Guest posting is giving you the chance to build relationships with the relevant bloggers that can help you to survive or make a position on the internet. By publishing your content on other’s sites you can easily inform the new audiences who you are, your expertise, and your business brand.

Gain backlink

Guest posting on other blogs can be a great way to gain high-quality backlinks to your site from other sites.   Although it is not a good idea to have the only purpose of guest posting to get backlinks, you can certainly take the opportunity to gain quality links from other sites by posting good quality content.

Increase website traffic

One of the biggest benefits of guest posting is that it can draw quality traffic to your site from different sources. SEO and Social media can help to bring quality traffic to your site. The post of a high-quality writer is appreciated by many which establishes trust and credibility to draw traffic.


Guest posting creates a way to reach the right audience through a set-up platform that establishes your brand and asserts authority in the industry. It grows your customer base and brand awareness through imparting knowledge.

Improves domain authority

Guest posts offer an opportunity to get high-quality backlinks from reputable sites, which increase your site’s domain authority. On the other hand, the sites that receive guest posts can boost domain authority by having high-quality content that increases external links.

Build credibility

Guest posting boosts the credibility of a website that expands the audience base and leverage building link when it is done efficiently.  The credibility here is distributed between both two parties involved in the guest posting process.

Improves content marketing

Guest posting can be a part of a successful content marketing strategy. Guest posting can implement all the important points of the content marketing plan of your business. It drives targeted traffic to your website, establishes credibility and authority in your niche, and boosts brand awareness and the reputation of the business.

Generates leads

A guest posting strategy can help to generate leads for your business.  Successful lead generation depends on brand awareness, authority, audience building, etc.  Audience through guest posting in a tact full way can convert a percentage of the audience into leads.

Final thought

Guest posting is still a good strategy for a site to bring audiences, improve SEO ranking, grow brand awareness, and help to become an authority in the industry. It allows a digital marketer to take many advantages from one strategy and leverage the success.

So, the more guest post you will write, the more success you will bring to your sites. You will be introduced as an expertise or an authority in your industry.

Guest Posting : Purpose Opportunities and Benefits

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