Keyword research for youtube videos

Keyword research for Youtube videos

Keyword research for youtube videos

If you are fortunate enough to collect accurate keywords that match your audience’s search and optimize them in title and description well, your video will soon appear at the top of the search. And, thus the video will rank and receive engagement such as likes, shares, comments, and subscribers.

Keyword plays an important role in ranking video content. A video content is generally introduced to search engines and the audiences by its keywords. So, it is essential to have a good number of potential keywords to describe a video content well. Keyword research helps to generate effective keywords for video content and it is the number one step of doing video SEO. It is the task of collecting words and phrases that users search to find your video content for solving their specific problems.

 So, the task of keyword research includes the following steps:

  • Collect potential keywords
  • Keyword analysis
  • Refining the collected keywords

Collect potential keywords :

Firstly you decide 1-3 seed keywords depending on your niche. Then you go out to collect more keywords relevant to your seed from different web platforms.  Also, you need to apply different strategies in collecting keywords.


 YouTube’s Search Suggest feature predicts what people are searching for and it is an interesting strategy to collect a few relevant keywords from the drop-down list.

To do this, you first type your seed keyword in the YouTube search bar and follow the list. YouTube will show you a bunch of keywords related to the seed keywords you typed. 

Youtube search autocomplete

In this way, you can get an idea of how YouTube users search related to your niche.

Also, there are some tools like,, Rank tracker, etc. that will help you to get important data to analyze regarding YouTube autocomplete keywords. Another strategy is to go for a popular video that matches your niche. Follow the number of views of that video. If you think that is a top figure, copy its keywords for your consideration. To do so, you look at their keywords in the title, description. Collect those keywords from that sources and add them in your list. You can use the Tube buddy extension or VidIQ Chrome extension for collecting potential video tags and analysis.

Tube buddy extension /

(Keyword Explorer):

keyword research for youtube videos

VidIQ Chrome extension :

Keyword research for youtube videos

Also, for getting deeper ideas regarding keywords of the most popular video, right-click on the page and just click “View page source…

Press Ctrl+F and type the term “keywords”

Thus you will get keywords or video tags that this video uses to rank.

Collect them if these keywords match your niche.


Generate new keyword ideas by using Tools:

Numerous tools are available on the web to provide you with huge keyword ideas which are relevant to your seed keywords. Remember to make searching on tools for YouTube results. Google search volume is different from YouTube when it comes to choosing keywords.

There are few tools available specific to video keyword research.

Keyword analysis:

As you need a narrow list of keywords you need to filter the collected keywords using search text, monthly search volume, SEO difficulty, etc. You can choose your desired metrics and analyze them properly to pick the best keywords. Thus you can get your shortlist of keywords.

Remember that matching search and keyword search intent of the users should always be your number one goal.

Also, you can ask yourself: What would someone want to find when searching using your target keyword?

If the answer is your niche topics then it is clear that your choosing keyword is OK. Go ahead with those keywords.

Thus you can collect your target list of keywords.


Today, video is a special feature to find exactly what we are looking for on the web. It can boost conversion and sales, build trust, encourage engagement and give good ROI in marketing products and services. Ranking videos in search engines like or can ensure all the things and grow business. Video ranking depends on choosing and optimizing the right keywords for video content. So, keywords are the core of all online activities.

Keyword research generates the right keywords for videos and it is an important step before ranking videos and ultimately growing the business. Therefore, we cannot ignore video keyword research if we want to grow our business and services through video content.

Keyword research for youtube videos

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