What is blog ?

What is blog

What is blog?

The word blog means an online record of personal, group, or corporate-based activities or discussions on a topic similar to an online diary. The word blog originated from the word ‘Weblog’. The term weblog was first used on December 16, 1997 which was coined by John Berger, a U.S. citizen. Exactly two years later, between April and May 1999, a man named Peter Merholz split the word Weblog into two parts – We and Blog, and after that blogs became popular worldwide. The main difference between a website and a blog is that the website is updated irregularly and the blog is updated regularly.

How does blog work?

Bloggers regularly post content on their websites and all the posts are displayed in reverse chronological order. The blogs are generally written in textual form. Some also try to focus the topic using graphics, videos, audio, etc. The users can retrieve the information from the blog they need and post their comments there. Blog owners moderate the comments to allow the better comments viewable in blog post. The users and blog owners can also interact with other comments. The bloggers now also build social relationships with their readers. In that sense, blogging is considered a social networking service. All these features make the blogs more popular. It can be about a variety of topics, such as politics, literature, technology, travel stories, arranging everything like a diary on various topics in your life.

Blogging tips to trap the right audience 

Define your right audience and find what they are searching

Before writing a blog for your audience thinks about the demographic and psychographics of your audience. It will help you to analyze and extract the ideas actually what the audience wants from you as a reader. By considering audience curiosity and competitors’ positions choose a topic to write for your audience.

Determine the content length in terms of quality

People love to read short blogs. If they find the perfect answer to what they are searching for, a short blog can be a great solution. But it is difficult to provide complete clarification of the user’s intent in a shortly arranged blog. Also, short blogs don’t rank well. Hence an optimum length of the blog is required that can meet the user’s search intent as well as search engine’s guidelines.


The blog should be mobile friendly since more than 50% of the traffic on average comes from mobile devices. For this reason, Google considers it a ranking factor for the contents. Also, Google gives priority to mobile-friendly blog in crawling, indexing, and ranking.

Quality backlink as a vote:

To grow the reader’s trust in your blog it is essential to gain high-quality backlinks which consider Google as a vote in favor of your blog. In the eye of Google, quality backlink prove the quality of the content. That’s why backlink is an important ranking factor for any content.

Domain authority to trust

Domain authority (DA) of a site is also a ranking score for its blog. DA of a site measures, how the strength of backlink and trustworthiness of the site is. The audience trusts the blog content for its high rank. This is because the audience trusts Google. The high DA of a blog ensures its high ranking and audience credibility.

Choose the right keywords and search intent

Before going to write a blog it is necessary to choose the right keyword with search volume. Search intent brings specific audiences to the blog and precedes you to reach the goal. So tie a towel around your waist and start keyword research properly to choose the right keywords that will take your blog to the level of satisfaction.

Confirm SEO optimization

SEO optimization helps to make your blog a relevant answer to the user’s searches. This tactic can also provide the possibility to rank the blog in the search result and bring more audiences. 

Types of blogs:

There are different types of blogs. Here are some types of blogs:

Personal Blog: A personal blog is a blog that is created to highlight your personal issues or to share your knowledge with others.

Blogs on specific topics or niches: These types of blogs are more common, such as tech blogs, photo blogs, art blogs, VD blogs, MP3 blogs, entertainment blogs (movie or drama blogs), etc.

Organizational Blog: Organizational blog created with information from different organizations.


Social-Blogs: These blogs are made up for the development of social activities on various issues of society.



Blogs are a powerful medium for expressing opinions that has brought a new dimension to our life journey. It is an opportunity to express own self online as well as to let others know something. One can also be benefited economically by monetizing the blog in different ways. So, blogging can be an effective and alternative means of improving the quality of life.


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