What is seo?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Before going to talk over SEO, let’s clarify about three letters S (search), E (engine) and O (optimization) of short form SEO. The word ‘search’ means to find the best possible information for the solution of a problem from the World Wide Web. The word ‘engine’ means machine that refers to the algorithm. Search engine uses algorithm to generate search result. According to Dictionary meaning the word ‘optimization’ is the process of making something as good or effective as possible.

In the whole SEO process, the word ‘optimization’ is playing an important role. Here, optimization is done for Search engine and that is why it is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Then, a question arises. What will be optimized for search engine? The answer is user or content or Google/Bing/yahoo etc. Yes, only content will be optimized here for search engine.

Optimization means choosing many factors to apply on the content that help to obtain best output . To achieve highest performance through optimization process you need to maximize desired factors to rank and minimize undesired one. This is the essence of talk on optimization. Here desired factors point to some best practices.  In case of search engine, optimization is the combination of some best practices such as many strategies, techniques and tactics to obtain a high-ranking placement of the content of a website in the search results page (SERP).

This optimization process is necessary to be done in both inside and outside of the content under a certain keyword in order to improve its position in search rankings.

SEO works within three routes. They are user to Search engine, Search engine to contents and contents to SERP. 

Here content plays the role of a king in the whole SEO process. Content refers to the combination of text, images, sounds, videos, and animations etc. of the page. Each items of the content needs to be well optimized for the better use of users as well as search engines. The process of optimizing your online content grades your page’s worth to be enrolled in search engine’s index and then rank it. Therefore, to rank high in the SERP (Search engine result page) this content needs to prove its quality to both search engines and users.

So, SEO is a process of optimizing the content of a web page in the World Wide Web for both the users and search engines to rank high in the result page. Here search engine is supposed as one of the users.

This optimization process is necessary to be done in both inside and outside of the content under a certain keyword in order to improve its position in search engine rankings

content optimization for SEO-webseosolver
Content optimization-webseosolver

Inside the content of the page includes both the content and HTML source code of a page. On the other hand outside the content of a page includes creating as many high-quality backlinks (incoming links) of the content with other pages outside the content in the World Wide Web. This backlink is needed to prove the reputation of your content among the remaining relevant high quality contents of many authority sites in the World Wide Web.In straight words, content needs to prove its reputation to the other authority sites in the World Wide Web.

Link building-Webseosolver

Now we see there are two types of SEO: on-page SEO, which deals with content and page optimization, and off-page SEO which concerns establishing relations between websites.

But wait a minute; this is not enough for optimizing your content for search engine. There are some other factors out of on-page and off-page optimization which are also included in SEO process. Yes, it is Technical SEO.

The elements of technical SEO are website speed, mobile friendliness, site architecture, structured data markup and so on. This type of optimization can be called as the foundation of SEO.
Now we can say,

SEO is the combination of both on-page and off-page optimization of the content for search engine as well as user and there are also something more which is called Technical SEO.

On-page optimization + Off-page optimization + Technical SEO = SEO process

But, this is not the end. The most important thing is the output result from all these optimization process for search engine as well as user.

It is the ranking of the page.

By considering all these things, search engine makes a strictly judge to keep your content’s placement in SERP under a search keyword. And thus search engine brings a long search engine result page (SERP) to response the search query of the user for a keyword within half a second.

Search Engine shows two types of results in the search engine result page (SERP).

  1. Paid result
  2. Organic result

1) Paid result: Paid results are basically advertisements. The Web site owners make payments to Google or search engine to have their Web pages display for certain keywords. So here search engines are committed to give priority to the paid result.

2) Organic result: It is an algorithm-driven unpaid SEO results on a given search engine.These types of result appear because of optimizing the content for search engine on a keyword and it’s relevance to the search terms. In fact, organic result is the best output of long term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process.

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