30 Free article submission sites list 2022 (Do-follow)

Free article submission sites list

Free article submission sites list

Early in Google’s journey article submissions were a popular link-building strategy in website ranking. But the problem was that massive low-quality sites with useless or less quality content unexpectedly started ranking in Google’s index which was contrary to Google’s mission. Google introduced Panda update (2011) and Penguin update (2012) to prioritize the quality of the content. As a result, many sites including article directories had been devalued and hurt. 

Nevertheless, it is still said that article marketing can be an effective way to improve organic search results. It is undoubtedly true that writing a great article can be the best way to describe any products or services and launch their marketing. When the article is published on the web platforms and promoted to the right audiences, it can surely bring customers, increase sales and ultimately bring profits at hand. The practice of publishing the article on a third-party website is known as article submission. Article submission is an important part of the article marketing business. Though it is a part, the success of the whole article marketing business largely depends on the success of the published article on others websites. The quality of the contents and the right SEO strategy for the content determine the success or failure. If the article attracts the right audience and satisfies the right user’s intent, the article thinks to be able to serve the right purpose on the website. Before submitting an article, it is essential to think about the quality of the content.

Let’s know the way of successful submission of the article.


How to do successful submission of article

To ensure the successful submission of an article firstly, you need to select an article submission site with high DA and high traffic. Then, specify the category relevant to the content of the article. Before submitting the articles in the article directory ensure the following qualities of the article.

  • Write a unique article to submit in the article directory.
  • The article length should be ranged from 500 to 1500 words
  • Write the article less but its quality should be multiplied.
  • The article should also be SEO optimized
  • Articles should be keyword-centric content.
  • Content should be relevant to the article directory and it’s category.
  • All tags and title should be easily detectable by web crawler.
  • Use heading, sub-heading, bullet points, numbers etc. to make content user friendly. This will make article very informative to the readers.
  • Text in article should be free from grammar, spelling and punctuation error.
  • Use suitable link in article body to drive traffic and SEO value to your site.

For successful article submission, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the article and confirm the above points in the article. After writing a good quality article, the next step is to submit it to a good quality article directory. The success of these two-step work can surely bring success to your article submission job.


30 Free article submission sites list with do-follow link building facilities and instant approval are given below. Domain Authority (DA) and approximate monthly traffic of each site are mentioned for choosing the right article directory site for successful article submission.

Free article submission sites list

Serial NumberArticle submission Site URL Domain Authority (DA)Monthly Traffic (approximate)Most visited country
92571247United States
911391573United States
906228374United States

77579710United States
69368739 India
66202350 India
65156924 India
6466567 India
5688882 India
50307640 India
49214145 India
47128908 India
432817 India
40 India
382677 India
341931 India
3384694 India
32844278 India
28896414 India
27596619 India
25223867 India
20787402 India
181534 India
1653393 India
15102447 India
15681 India

Advantages of Article submission

  • Article submission is an important off-page SEO technique to improve SEO score of your site.
  • This technique can generate both do-follow and no-follow links  
  • A good quality of article can attract and send huge potential visitors to your site through link.
  • Article submission technique can build credibility
  • This SEO technique can generate new customer
  • This technique can also convert traffic into customers.
  • It is a great opportunity of free marketing
  • If the content is high-quality, it may go viral.
  • Article submission technique can build relationship with the readers
  • Bloggers can create huge high-quality backlink by submitting articles in third party website.

Disadvantages of Article submission

  • In article submission, if the articles are of low quality, it can hamper company’s reputations.
  • Article submission for only building links makes the content marketing job, inferior.
  • Article submission with no-follow link cannot pass SEO value to the site.
  • Submission article in too many directories, the article is considered as duplicate content. Duplicate content will not be indexed or ranked by search engine.
  • Article submission in low quality article directories cannot help in SEO.

Final Thought

Article submission is still an important off-page SEO technique. Although there is a lot of speculation against this technique, if the article submission is done correctly, it will surely drive SEO value and traffic to your site. So, this SEO technique still has the same value as before. But if it is not done properly, the search engine will consider it as spam work.  

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